Alex Elle

Meet Alex Elle, an author and wellness
consultant living in the Washington, DC 
metro area with her husband and children.

We’ve long admired her grounded-yet-profound approach to health, creativity and self-care — and the way that she teaches that approach via both her community events and her writings and social media. We were able to chat with Alex just after her maternity leave for her third daughter, Maximus, about her professional journey, her inspirations and why she does what she does.

My name is Alexandra Elle.  I am a 30-year-old wife and mother of 3!  I also write books for a living.  Becoming an author wasn’t in the cards for me, it just kind of happened about 7 years ago when I decided to start sharing my story and standing in my truth.  I got tired of settling and shrinking into societal and familial boxes that didn’t belong to me.  I found comfort in storytelling and a passion for building community through writing.

On women to look up to

There are quite a few!  But my top 3 are Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Brene Brown.  These women are mentors in my head!  I love their courage, grace, and intellect.  I often go down the list and ask: WWOD, WWMOD, and WWBBD.

On approaching wellness as a career

When I discovered my true and authentic voice, mental wellness became a must.  Community inspires all that I do, so creating spaces for people to learn, gather, and share was essential in unfolding into my work.  I want people who read my books, use my journals, and come to workshops to know that I don’t have the answers--they do! Self-healing and self-trust are pivotal, and I do my best to teach that.

On getting dressed

I like simple, easy, functional, and black, cream, or grey.  Oh, and comfort!  My clothing provides me with a different type of self-expression that’s fun to play around with.

Lately, [I find inspiration] in adversity.  Challenging moments have been encouraging me to slow down, stop, and think.  That in itself requires me to find creative and mindful ways to calm down and tap into my power by showing up in new ways emotionally.  That can be very hard for me to do, especially because I tend to be hypersensitive [and emotional].  But my therapist taught me to slow my reactions, and instead, find the lesson in adverse moments.

Alex's Favorite...
Real Love by Sharon Salzberg or
What We Ache For by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.
Anything pasta. lol.
“Nothing will work unless you do.” Maya Angelou
Fun fact, I hate flying. Like a lot.
But, Burbank, CA (where I fell in love with my husband).
Dance and sing
Volunteering my time to help enrich people’s
self-care practice through writing.