Carmen Nash
Carmen Nash is an interior designer, artist and vintage furniture curator and seller based in Florida. We are ardent admirers of Carmen’s gifted eye for one of a kind pieces, as well as her thoughtful approach to making life feel more beautiful.
Photographed by Kayla Mendez
Tell us a bit about you and your work.

I am a full time vintage reseller and artist balancing motherhood and a growing business.  I started selling while being a stay at home mom to add additional income to household.  My goal was to focus on pieces that really spoke to me and had artful flare.   Little did I know some of the biggest designers in the industry started contacting me to buy things and it really took off from there.

On Carmen:
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On inspiration and role models —

I built my business for practical reasons because there were not many other options available for me with three little children to watch.  I looked for lots of phone customer service jobs.  They required no noise and complete customer focus which wasn’t possible.   I think the aha moment happened the first time I sold to a really big client.  I looked her up online and she was a mega art buyer collector in the design industry.  I said to myself how do I get more clients like her.  I reframed my entire buying style to try to attract more high end art minded clients from that point on.

I am inspired by my childhood and what my parents exposed me to in travel and what I was taught.  I’m also inspired by literature and my culture.

I most look up to my grandmother and mother who first taught me how to thrift and had effortless style.  I also love artists and writers such as Toni Morrison and Nina Simone.  I loved their freedom of expression and connect with how they represented themselves as black women in their industries.

On a unique approach to interiors —

I enjoy the art of storytelling with objects.  As an avid reader I always pictured the fanciful lives of the characters I read about and what their homes were like.  I also view objects in a way that almost personifies them.  I believe things can emote and create feeling which can make a room feel soulful and unique.

I believe that it takes time to truly beautifully clutter a space.   When the furnishings and objects you choose are strong, impactful and full of story.  It takes less effort to create a very intriguing space.

I approach sourcing with an open mind and the savvy of understanding that it’s the hidden spaces that possess the best gems.  I’m not afraid to ask if things are for sale and have really honed my negotiating skills.  My advice is buy what you love not what you think people want. Create your own vibe and you will attract your people.

On the role of clothes —

I don’t obsess about clothes.  I love simple easy fashion that I can layer and mix and match.  As an on-the-go mom, comfort is important but I still enjoy looking and feeling like a woman so quick looks that make me feel pretty are always welcome.

On being a “modern citizen” —

I believe a modern citizen is conscious and thoughtful not only of themselves but their fellow citizens and the footprints that we are making.  Taking the time and vast accessibility we have to information and becoming informed on issues that are affecting our country and the world.  Finally, I believe that at the core the modern citizen is at its base level simply kind.

On Carmen:
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Carmen's Favorite...
Her Stories by Virginia Hamilton
Curry chicken / shrimp and broccoli
"God makes all things beautiful in its time"
St. Augustine, FL
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