Editor’s Letter


Somehow — already! — we’ve arrived at August.  Though it can feel jarring to find summer quickly slipping away, reaching this moment also brings a feeling of inspiration and anticipation for our team — because while the days remain warm and we still have many summer moments to enjoy, August technically marks the beginning of our most exciting time of year. 

Fashion is a perennial pursuit, though we find ourselves especially at home when fall rolls around.  August is on the precipice of what we’ve been working toward all year — a gateway to a season that brings forth so much of what we love about design, storytelling, and the vision of our brand.  That back-to-school, new leaf feeling starts to set in, and we look forward to welcoming our most ambitious, dynamic collection and creative direction yet.  

As our team prepares for our busiest months ahead, we’ll be taking these final summer weeks to both recharge and soak in the energy of what’s to come.  We’ve truly never felt prouder of what we're creating, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

— Modern Citizen