Editor’s Letter


Welcome to July.  This month is often a time of ease and celebration, and we’re excited about the styles we have forthcoming to round out our seasonal collection.  Yet as we step into the second half of 2022, we’re also facing a moment of pause and concern as current events have had a pervasive impact on our team and wider community.

As a company of mostly women, the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has left many of us feeling devastated, outraged, and uncertain about what comes next.  Across the country, women, families, and healthcare providers are already facing complex and impossible choices.  Furthermore, this decision has far-reaching implications regarding our individual freedoms and human right to bodily autonomy and ethical agency.  Given the depth and disorienting nature of this situation, we truthfully don’t know if there’s a right thing to say.  Right now, we simply want to acknowledge that we’re struggling and contemplating right here with you.  

Our intention in this moment is to communicate solidarity in grief now, and with time, in hope; as we continue to remind ourselves that progress is not always achieved in a straight line.  We’re finding that even small steps of self care do help in leading to more promising, strategic action.  However you feel called to make space for yourself and others, we’re wishing you safety, community, and strength.

— Modern Citizen

Should you be interested in learning more or taking action, please visit Planned Parenthood for additional information and donation resources to support healthcare access.