Editor’s Letter


It’s the official start to summer, a time to enjoy breezy fabrics and dynamic colors.  Our June collection is inspired by the easeful feeling of summer socializing — long evenings with friends under a slowly darkening sky, great conversation, and a relaxed sense of togetherness.

We leave behind a heavy month of May, marked by tragedy that has certainly been held in the thoughts of our team and broader community.  In these difficult times, we are finding hope and strength in the reminders of progress that are institutionalized in June including the observance of Pride Month and Juneteenth.  This month, we take inspiration from diverse, resilient communities as we head into our company offsite, where we will internally reinforce our resolve to work towards a more positive, intersectional Modern Citizen, among other exciting initiatives.

Clothing is a necessary element of our lives, and we believe wholeheartedly that fashion is a form of self care.  As always, we hope that our collection, words, and imagery can offer you some joy and energy in an often emotionally strenuous world — that we can be part of the spark that helps you contribute to a brighter future.

— Modern Citizen