Mary Saunders + Kristy Caylor
Meet Mary and Kristy, the founders of For Days — a closed-loop clothing brand (and now recycling partner!) looking to bring circularity to the forefront of an industry they know, love, and aspire to change.  We spoke to them about their initiatives, inspirations, and how fashion can evolve to be truly sustainable.
On For Days and its origins

Kristy:  I was moving apartments and trying to get rid of all my old clothes responsibly.  I sold things on The RealReal, gave appropriate donations to Goodwill, and gave things to friends...but I was left with a pile of crap.  Single socks, stretched out pajamas, pit-stained t-shirts.  I asked myself, why do I own these?  "Circular economy" started to mean something real to me in that moment.  I realized that we could design a system where this old clothing could become new clothing, and be entirely diverted from landfill.

Mary:  For Days is the first ever closed-loop clothing brand.  We have both been in the fashion industry for over 15 years and our different paths led us to the same conclusion — that the industry has to change.

On the importance of circularity

Mary:  Globally, 85% of donations end up in landfill and 70 lbs of clothing per person are landfilled annually in the US.  Most re-sold clothing also eventually ends up in landfills.  At For Days, our system is 100% circular and nothing ends up in a landfill.  As a customer, you get rewarded for recycling your worn clothing, no matter the condition or length of ownership.  When you recycle, you earn credit to spend on new clothes; recycle again and again and keep earning.  It’s a revolution… literally.

On role models in their field

Kristy:  The book Cradle to Cradle turned me onto the circular economy and I’ve never looked back.  Ellen MacArthur also does amazing work in the space.

Mary:  Patagonia was way ahead of the zeitgeist and has fundamentally changed an industry, while also being a great company that makes great products.  I hope that For Days can follow in that vein.

On their proudest moments with For Days

Kristy:  Watching the Take Back program take off, surviving 2020 and the Covid chaos, and building the team — they are the real stars.

Mary:  When we had our first big bin of returned product for upcycling.  It was the moment of realizing, “People will do this — it’s working!”

On balancing appreciation for fashion with caring for the environment

Mary:  As I’ve gotten older, I’m much more deliberate about the clothing I buy, and I make sure it’s something I will wear for a very long time.  If I don’t absolutely love it, I don’t buy it.  This way, I know I’ll maximize the number of times I can wear it.

Kristy:  Fashion should be fun and carefree, but that doesn’t mean careless.  Buy thoughtfully, wear your clothes well, and think about where they’ll end up at the end of their time with you.

On what it means to be a Modern Citizen

Mary:  I think as Modern Citizens we need to be aware of our interconnectedness.  Our choices can have broad negative consequences, but we can also have hugely positive impact as well!  It’s up to us to be thoughtful about the ways we conduct our lives to hopefully have a greater positive impact.