Editor’s Letter


November is officially here.  From our own experience, working in fashion can create a complicated sense of time — all at once we’re talking about the current season, planning photoshoots for the following, and designing for as far out as Fall 2023.  But there’s something about November that centers us back into the moment, ready to engage in the festive feel of the month with family, friends, and our broader community.  

We are also coming out of a tumultuous month of headlines marked by an ugly reemergence of both racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric in mainstream media.  In this moment, we want to reinforce our solidarity and extend compassion to all of our Jewish team and community members, and to everyone impacted by recent events.  As we do our parts, both as individuals and as a company, to work toward a more inclusive, positive, and safe fashion industry and world, we are committed to the core belief that there is no place for hate of any kind.

As we do our best to focus on and propagate the positive, it’s important to us that we find joy and respite in this season.  The holidays are an opportunity to cap off and toast to a busy year, as well as to celebrate each other and the myriad ways we enjoy winter.  As always, we are wishing you a healthy, happy, and fulfilling few months ahead.

— Modern Citizen