Editor’s Letter


Here we are in the height of autumn, welcoming the arrival of our unanimously favorite month (for both life and fashion).  Between the frenzied renewal of September and the festive energy of the holidays, October feels like a precious moment to take in the beauty of the fall season, and a deep breath for ourselves before the busy months ahead. 

When dreaming up the clothes and creative for this month, we considered how the right outfit can make you feel more grounded in your identity, and in turn more ready to explore and appreciate the world around you.  The events over the past several weeks in Iran have made us take pause and think about clothes and expression in a more urgent, profound light.  We reflect our personal journeys and character in the way that we dress, and as women, the relationship between ourselves and what we wear is complicated, exciting, fraught, and ever-evolving.

What’s happening in Iran is complex and significant far beyond a simple discussion of clothing, but also extends toward familiar themes of bodily autonomy and womens’ liberation as a whole.  As we turn our attention toward this historic moment, we stand in solidarity with women across the globe who are engaged in the fight for freedom — of dress, of body, and all of the factors that allow us to truly live and contribute as citizens of our world. 

— Modern Citizen