Editor’s Letter


Welcome to February — our final true month of winter that leaves us feeling ready for renewal.  While the month is short, it’s an important time for us as it marks the transition into a new business year and the beginnings of our spring collection.

In that vein, our team has always celebrated the Lunar New Year as a company-wide reset and holiday.  It aligns with our fiscal year-end, the observances of our factory partners in Asia, and the traditions of many of our team members here in the U.S.  At this juncture we continue to contend with a world that is at times volatile and overwhelming, something we are particularly feeling in our home state of California right now.  February also ushers in Black History Month, yet another opportunity to continue to set and commit to our diversity, inclusion, and solidarity goals.  As we enter the year of the rabbit in the zodiac calendar, we are summoning its signature characteristics — including a peaceful and patient energy — to lean optimistically into a more balanced, positive, and egalitarian future ahead.

This month’s new arrivals are a special assortment of elevated fabrics, strong-yet-subtle shapes, and a self-assured elegance that has felt intuitive and inspirational to us lately.  In the spirit of the rabbit, that confidence has a sense of calm to it — feeling at once mature, settled, and free.

— Modern Citizen