Editor’s Letter


Hello, March.  As we anticipate the seasonal shift around the corner, we couldn’t be more ready to transition from the quiet contemplation of winter to the vibrant, reinvigorating energy of spring.  As our streamlined, sunshine-ready spring collection continues to unfurl, our whole team is ready for the weather to follow suit!

March is International Women’s Month, marked by a day of observance on March 8 and an annual theme — this year’s being, “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.”  As a women owned-and-operated small business, this cultural event creates space to recognize and honor the values we naturally live year-round.  In 2023, as our designs have felt more focused than ever on our customers and who they are and aspire to be, it feels particularly organic and exciting to celebrate the women who tell our story by living in our clothes and adding meaning to our journey.

We are thinking of spring as both an escape and a catalyst, a moment to deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us — and we believe in the power of personal style as a tool toward those goals.  With silhouettes that feel both powerful and understated; substantial-yet-easeful fabrics; and a design language that celebrates maturity through a creative and curious lens, the journey of creating this collection has certainly been a celebration of the woman (you!) for whom we create.

— Modern Citizen