Fall Lookbook

How do you find balance in an unsteady
world? By creating your own foundation.

A building year is a time to reset, to
rethink and reconstruct
. A moment to add
intention to our lives and wardrobes.

This season, we’re proud to
introduce our emerging
MDRN line — a distillation of
our design ethos, MDRN is an
ongoing collection of essential
anchors in a modern
wardrobe.  Reflective of the
current moment, and relevant
for the long-term, these are
our new sartorial keys.
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This season we’re constructing an inspired approach to
utilitarian dressing — a collection of functional pieces that
contain an uplifting, pragmatic beauty.

Modern Citizen Fall Lookbook 2020

We draw inspiration and
comfort from our inner worlds,
crafting our own stability (and
image) when the outer world
feels mercurial.