At Modern Citizen, community is truly at the heart of our brand.
Every product in our collection is named in honor of a woman we admire.
You've nominated the women in your life that inspire you,
and we're so excited to share their stories here.
Meet the Nominees

The Azza Blouse

Azza is a compassionate and dedicated Egyptian mother of five . She is an inspiring survivor with a heart of gold, she is an understanding wife, a leader by example, and a grateful woman of faith. Loved by many, as she smiles on with innocence and continues to shine within her community.
Love you, Mama.
Loving Daughter

The Tyler Tee

Tyler is the epitome of loyalty, compassion and dedication. Over the past decade, she has stayed by me through all walks of life (and every hair color). We have been seperated by states, countries and oceans and our friendship has never waivered! She is classic and elegant.
Kylie, friend

The Aisha Bodysuit

Aisha  is a fierce, do it all, classy strong BROAD who is my muse, my mentor and my friend. Actor, director, and brave creator who I try and emulate in every way. There aren't enough hours in the day to keep pace with her or enough space in normal hearts to love the way she does. I stand in constant AWE.
Stephanie, friend

The Diella Blouse

Diella, my mother, was named after her "aunt" - my grandfather's baby sister who died in infancy in the former Yugoslavia. Their name means "sun" in Albanian. As ethnic Albanians in communist Yugoslavia, my grandparents with their two daughters (one of which is my mother) traveled to America for a better life. My grandmother was told to give up her infant daughter (my mother) to have an easier life in the states. She scoffs at this today, saying that person was crazy, how could I give up my daughter!? It's hard to think, that it would have been easier for my grandparents to have gone to the US with a single child, instead of two. The women that came before me sacrificed greatly so that my generation could have all of the opportunities America could offer. I stand on their shoulders today, as a successful corporate attorney.
Samantha, daughter

The Melinda Dress

Melinda,  my sister, is the most generous person I know. She gives up her time to others before herself. She has helped multiple refugee families in her community - even buying a house for one family to have a home near another refugee family they know. She advocates for them at the doctor and their children's school; she helps to translate documents, provide transportation - the list just goes on. Melinda was a model when she was only 13. She's tall, blonde, and blue-eyed. She is beautiful inside and out and I would love to see her recognized in this way.
Holly, sister

The Jane Jacket

Jane  is a big sister, a new mother, and a best friend to so many. She is the epitome of Southern class, but she has a dirty sense of humor and isn't afraid to be herself. She shares my love of New England architecture, Autumn, and Halloween, and any piece of clothing would be lucky to be named after her!
Loving friend

The Dovie Dress

Dovie  — my amazing mom.
Meghan, daughter

The Julissa Jumpsuit

Julissa  is a long-time friend with a warm, kind soul. She took a leap of faith and quit her corporate job. She founded Rizo’s Curls, a hairline for curly-haired women. She’s created jobs for her family and friends, and has influenced thousands of women in the Latina community who’ve historically struggled to find products suitable for their hair. Despite her success, she still remains humble. I’ve admired her growth and hard work all these years!
Cassie, friend

The Meredith Tee

Meredith,  my mother, is one of the most inspiring people I know. She had an incredible career in the corporate world, becoming the global Chief Human Resource officer of a major corporation of 40,000 employees, all the while being the most active and engaged mother to my brother and I. She has a light and an energy that attracts people of all backgrounds, ages, and kinds to her. She puts everyone else's needs above her own, and never misses an opportunity to uplift other women in their pursuits. This past summer she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she exhibited more strength, grit, and grace than most people in her circumstance could have. She is everything I hope to be as a mother, friend, and spouse. She rarely accepts praise or takes time for herself, and I am always searching for new ways to honor the truly badass inspiring woman she is.
Loving friend

The Shelley Skirt

Thrown to the wolves, literally, Shelley  is the Executive Director of W.O.L.F. Sanctuary based in Colorado. She oversees a non-profit organization that rescues captive bred wolves and wolf dogs that cannot be released in the wild. To date, Shelley has worked diligently to purchase new land in Colorado which will allow 30 wolves to relocate to a great location which will be open to the public to drive educational awareness on the topic of wolf conservation. Shelley has given up her corporate career to operate W.O.L.F., and has faced many challenges from flooding to wild fires. Never giving up hope, Shelley is the most dedicated and loyal woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I know that if you had the opportunity to meet her too, you'd understand why she is the definition of extraordinary.
Jessica, friend and co-worker

The Kendall Trench

Kendall is one of my closest friends. She's wise beyond her years and cares for every woman she knows as if they're a sister. I'm constantly inspired by the way she faces challenges, stress, and whatever life throws at her with grace. She is truly the most generous and inspiring person I know and would love to honor her somehow!
Julia, friend

The Patricia Skirt

Patricia, my late mother, was a vibrant soul who inspired those around her to live a more free, intentional, and elaborate life. She had cancer three times (and was told she could never have kids, but here I am!), and fought it fiercely every single time until the last. She published three novels and continues to live on through the ever-present memories she created with me and loved ones.
Alexandra, daughter

The Marjorie Sweater

Marjorie  was a feisty Dutch woman who endured and triumphed through more than most people will in ten lifetimes. She faced hardship after hardship with grace. Not one for complaining, she made the most of each and every day. Today, we remember her for her wit and streaks of mischief. She was a blessing to know, and it’s a tremendous honor to be her granddaughter.
Nicole, granddaughter

The Semra Trousers

Semra,  my lovely grandma, was from a small village located in Malatya, Turkey. As a middle schooler, she was betrothed to a fifty year old man, however, she ran away to study as an independent high school student. She went on to place fourth in the entire Turkish national university exams, which landed her in the best medical school in Turkey. From there, she finished medical school as a valedictorian, and became one of the few women doctors in Zeynep Kamil Women's Health Hospital. In a few years, she became the chief of surgery, the only women chief of surgery yet in Turkey.
Ayda, granddaughter

The Amanda Trousers

Amanda  is an inspiration to me because of her adventurous spirit. Though she grew up in San Francisco, her thirst for culture and adventure was beyond the City. This spirit has lead Amanda to climb Greek island peaks, drive through the beautiful hills of Scotland, barter with local tagine makers in Morocco, and hike up Vulcano off the coast of Sicily to see a breathtaking sunrise. I don't know anyone else in my life who has traveled with such courage and passion, except for my dear friend, Amanda.
Jacky, friend

The Tracy Sweater

Tracy is such a boss. I admire her sense of humor, her generous heart, her authenticity and the way she balances being a mom and her career as a product manager at Facebook. She is also my biggest style icon/influence and one of my closest friends.
Olivia, friend

The Lovie Blouse

Lovie  was my grandmother, an incredibly creative and innovative woman. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I know of her talents because of all the beautiful creations she left behind. She passed on her imaginative spirit to her five children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, a spirit that has become synonymous with her very name — we now all call creative souls ‘Lovies’ :)
Kelle, granddaughter

The Hope Dress

Hope,  my mother, is an inspiration. She has a PhD, two MA degrees, several books published, three kids, one husband and one dog. She has lived in three countries, she speaks four languages, and she is completely self made.

The Maggie Blouse

Maggie:  inspiring, amazing,
resilient and the best mother!
Vivienne, daughter

The Reita Dress

I always tell people that if you look up the word "love' in an old-fashioned dictionary you might find a little engraved portrait of my late mother.  Reita  raised five children of her own, but she also raised about thirty other kids in her community, at a cozy in-home daycare center (with a waiting list). Today, grown men still remember her wistfully as 'Nanny". It's cute to see. I'm nominating the name Reita - some people used to try to get her to change the spelling of her name, but I love it exactly as it is.
Melanie, daughter

The Esther Sweater Dress

Esther  was a strong-willed, independent thinker who was never concerned with what others might think. In fact, her great-nephew nicknamed her, ‘Cool-Ass Auntie E’!
Lyn, daughter

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