Editor’s Letter


With winter finally approaching the rearview, we’re looking forward to warmer days and the celebrations and gatherings that the spring and summer seasons bring.  In fact, as you’re reading this, our creative team is in a special location bringing our soon-to-come summer collection to life…and enjoying the crisp fabrics and breezy-yet-polished silhouettes of our spring line while working hard on set. 

Earth Month is observed in April, and with it comes an opportunity to reflect and make headway on progressing toward a more responsible fashion industry.  While this is a consideration for us year-round, we’re grateful for the reminder and to have a project coming to fruition soon that furthers our commitment to testing and learning about eco-conscious solutions within our industry.  In the meantime, learn more about our philosophy regarding our responsibility initiatives — and keep an eye out for an exciting announcement later in the month.

Effortless dresses and light, elegant tops are on our minds these days, and you’ll see an abundance of both rolling out in the coming weeks.  Spring dressing is all about shedding layers without shedding personal style, and our distinctive-yet-subtle April arrivals were designed with that quandary in mind.  They’re intended to take you everywhere you want to go — even if your destination is simply the stretch of long, warm days ahead.

— Modern Citizen